Celebrating more than 130 years of family and tradition!

Oakwood was founded in 1881 in order to meet the need for children's social activities for the 50 some Jewish families at Congregation B'nai Jehudah. Headed by Samuel Latz and several others, the Progress Club was formed. The original location was in downtown Kansas City at 11th and Main.

In 1890, the Club decided it was time to build a home of their own and did so at 1017 Washington Street using a "Chatueausque" design. The original facade has been preserved and can be seen today at the 252 YMCA Branch in downtown Kansas City.

By 1910, the residential trend was changing and the leaders of the Club sought to obtain a rural property so that the Jewish community might enjoy the new, popular game called "golf." In 1911, the Club purchased the W.A. Rule farm southeast of town and the handsome stone house on the property was converted into a clubhouse.

The Club employed Tom Bendelow, course planner for A.G. Spalding, to lay out nine holes to the east and south of the clubhouse. Tom had as much impact on the growth of golf as anyone in his time. He also laid out the courses at Mission Hills and Excelsior Springs, and did the first layouts of Medina's courses in Chicago.

The Club's first golf professional, Arthur Boggs, arrived in late May of 1912 followed by Jim "Skokie" Watson in 1913. This same year, the use of the name "Oakwood" became favored over that of the Progress Club and the name was changed.

In 1923, Oakwood laid out the additional 9 holes. In 1991, Tom Watson assisted in the redesign of holes #5, #6, #7 and #8, and the following year the Club celebrated this project with an exhibition by Tom.

Oakwood is the oldest country club in the Kansas City area that is still in existence today. Family and tradition are integral parts of our past and present. Today, building upon that foundation, Oakwood combines an unparalleled family experience with the values of service, camaraderie and elegance.